E D E L D I N G | Collab kritzelkrabbe & vesuv | Sichtbetong Camp Dresden 2013

Collaboration | Kritzelrabbe & Vesuv.org








Painting a wagon for drinks during one week of Sichtbetong Camp in Dresden together with Sebastian Boldt (vesuv.org).The idea was to create a part of the Löbtau story. We researched articles and soundfiles from interviews a design student made some years ago with people from Löbtau. At that time the urban district Löbtau was in precarious conditions.

We abstracted some quotes from these interviews and illustrated a small piece of the streets story.

Motive: !!! You can’t evade art that happens in your district. Be the monkey! Be PART of it to shape this crazy world!!! You cannot NOT change the world, so consider to influence it in a kind and earnest way. Amen!

Thanks to the very kind people who created this project and enable art to stay free and accessible for everybody!

Monkey in a Bottle

MONKEY IN A BOTTLE | GRAFFITI | Rostocker Brauerei

I did a nice graffiti project together with two guys from Space Pirates at the Brewery Wall in Rostock. I learned a lot and it was so much fun~ Now the second big monkey is watching over my hometown! I made the monkey, the worms face and the seagulls~

Thanks to Space Pirates Sebastian Volgmann & Christoph Kukla | Hanseatische Brauerei Rostock | Matthias Marx for Photography

DIPLOMA | DIA DE LOS MUERTOS ~wooden engraved box & screenprints on wooden paper~

My diploma in communicationdesign & media. Took over one year and was very complex, but I really loved the topic “Dia de los Muertos” every second I made this. Through my work I examined the different development between south american and european history in connection with the death.

In my practical work I tried to create a unique, modern and abstract style to draw european people and design lovers into this celebration but still using typical mexican symbols.

The result was a wooden box with an engraving – like a precious present. Inside you can find 10 screen-printed, colourful illustrations, every single one hand printed and a booklet (only in german language yet) with informations about the celebration itself.

Viva la Muerte!

THX | 2011

Last year was … let’s call it … f-r-e-a-k-y. And I’m very happy that it is finally over.

I wanted to thank all the wonderful friends, my family, who were always there for me and also the nice people, who made me happy in very tough times. You know who you are!

. . . . . .R-E-B-O-O-T. . . . . . 2012 – Count me in!


Wow…. I needed over a month to post this thread. I was quite busy … so you get the picture.

Nevertheless I really wanted to thank all of you! It was a very nice evening and I was a proud crab! Many strangers and peeps I really like came surprisingly – even from Wismar by car! Thank you soooo much – you made my day! Cesareo, the owner of Cafe Maya, really knows how to entertain guests. I wonder if this has something to do with his mexican ancestry :D

I knew the hard work would yield fruits and now I am super-motivated for my diploma. Yeehaa~

Special thanks going to: Cesareo – Taste his tasty food at Cafe Maya in Rostock!

Sehfeuer for extra-special-mooish help and photography, as well as Matze Marx for nice photos :)

I am ready for other Exhibitions now!


I have another great chance to show some of my illustrations. From October the 31st to November the 2nd – Illustrations inspired by the mexican Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) will be shown in Cafe Maya – a very nice restaurant, that is also a gallery.

The owner isn’t just an artist in the kitchen, he’s painting with much enjoyment and gives other artists the opportunity to show their work!

Creating the flyer was fun and I am really pleased how they look~

Have a first peek into one illustration ;)

Exhibition | Rostock | Wismarsche Str. 21 | 31.10. – 03.11.2011

More after the exhibition! Excitement~


Had a wonderful birthday with my whole family, but couldn’t stop working when we were in our garden… I just can’t sit around, don’t know why. So I practiced engraving on soap stone, after there was no adequate wood.

It worked great for the first time and I just couldn’t stop. It’s too inspiring! I think I spend almost 3 or 4 hours on it. I had to stop two times because the machine only runs on rechargable battery… boohoo~

I will definitely keep on doing this! Maybe I will sell or give away some of these skulls in the future, when they have their special character and my personal touch. Can’t wait for tomorrow – Round #2! Ding! …. you see I am glowing for this now, Yehaaa~~~ :-D

Thanks to Anna and Emma, the best two nieces I can imagine, for support!


Being very slaphappy and drinking in a pub during a Jam Session with friends can have a huge effect on creativity when you have a bunch of beer mats. More moths will follow soon, these were just a first test.

Thanks to the red spooky robot voice for this wonderful inspiration and getting in touch with moths more and more~


“Meistens belehrt uns erst der Verlust über den Wert der Dinge.” ~Schopenhauer~

Unfortunately this picture was on the wrong harddrive for a long time. I’d wish I were able to see it in it’s full size at the “Seifenblasenmanifest”. But it deserves to be shared!

While finishing it I heard one of the best Covers of all time. I think I was never that sad and heartstrickened when I listened to a song and read the lyrics. Johnny Cash and Schopenhauer were wise men! :D

“Jede menschliche Vollkommenheit ist einem Fehler verwandt, in welchen überzugehen sie droht; jedoch auch umgekehrt, jeder Fehler, einer Vollkommenheit.”

Thanks Mr. Schopenhauer. I feel enlightened and I promise to read more in future…

Oh and Kurt Weidemann is dead. What’s wrong with the world at the moment? Too many changes in so many people’s lifes. Best time for leveling up your awareness! :)